National Interconnection Service

VoIP Transit and Conveyance

How it works

STC offers flexible VoIP Transit and Conveyance Services to meet the needs of any national and international operator. Local licensed mobile and fixed-line operators as well as international operators can hand off VoIP traffic to STC who then manages the conveyance and transit of VoIP calls. STC is ready to manage and deliver VoIP traffic across its IP network with soft switches deployed that allow for VoIP calls to be converted to PSTN traffic for termination or further transit. VoIP wholesale options include providing national conveyance, backbone to the local exchange point and international transit.


VoIP is growing as the technology of choice in the voice market and STC has the infrastructure in place to take advantage of VoIP while offering a reliable and scalable service. Its IP network is ready to offer operators' different feature sets and varying levels of Class of Service (CoS) and Quality of Service (QoS) as well as data security. This flexibility in its VoIP offering allows operators to get the service they require at the cost they need. STC is able to offer secure and reliable VoIP services with the flexibility that carriers need. National Interconnection Service.

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