High Speed SS7 Signaling Service

How it works

SS7 Signaling Services sit at the heart of the world's telephony networks and are the foundation for high speed and high availability networks. STC leverages signaling agreements with international operators around the world to offer SS7 Signaling Services connecting its customers to the world's telecoms infrastructure.
All aspects of the telecoms ecosystem can benefit from SS7 Signaling Services from national operators to ISPs and beyond. SS7 enables most of the world's telephone calls in addition to prepaid billing mechanisms, SMS, and a variety of retail telecoms services.
STC offers international interconnection via IP and TDM with three International Transmission Management Centers (ITMC) located in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam. STC's international network traffic is managed from these three centers.


STC has the international relationships in place to make its SS7 Signaling Service a true gateway to the international telecoms community. Based on industry standards, STC's SS7 Signaling Service allows telecoms operators access to its signaling network without costly investments in equipment combined with specific expertise.

STC's SS7 Signaling Service improves a carrier's operational efficiency through simplifying its network transport and minimizing operating and network costs that come with connecting to multiple signaling networks.

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