National Call Conveyance

How it works

stc offers National Call Conveyance for licensed telecoms operators within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This interconnection service offers national mobile and fixed-line operators access the KSA's most comprehensive voice network. Licensed operators benefit from the depth and breadth of stc's network and exchanges and allows for calls to be terminated on mobile or fixed-line geographic numbers.


Quality is the key in the voice market and stc's network is able to offer National Call Conveyance services that makes use of the KSA's leading network infrastructure. With a superior call experience, telecoms operators will see greater call volumes thanks to less dropped or missed calls and enhanced clarity. This means an operators' customers have a better user experience and are happier with their voice services overall. With quality as the foundation of stc's voice services, operators within the KSA can rely on stc to offer competitive prices with an attractive volume discount structure. stc's network supports all ITU interface standards and is supported with 24x7x365 network monitoring and management.