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How it works

As the cornerstone of a competitive market, STC offers mobile number portability services to mobile operators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Established in the KSA in 2006, Mobile Number Portability enables an operator to ensure that retail subscribers that have ported to a network will be able to make and receive calls. Calls destined to ported numbers are routed via STC's network after performing the necessary look-ups in its databases.


STC offers Mobile Number Portability services to ensure flexibility for mobile operators' retail customers and ensures that there is competition in the KSA's mobile market. With an open market, mobile operators are able to compete for a subscribers' business and benefit from a flexible and dynamic market. STC is there to route ported number across its network and ensure that that subscribers experience a seamless number portability. STC uses industry-standard porting technology and delivers all a mobile operator needs to port numbers in the KSA.

STC is leading the way in Mobile Number Portability in the KSA.

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