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STC is an effective and flexible partner in delivering International Call Transit services across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. International carriers can hand-off voice traffic at any one of STC's International Gateway Exchanges and be sure of the quality and security of its transit to a third carrier for termination. International mobile and fixed-line operators can reach the destinations they need by leveraging the geographic location of Saudi Arabia with its six direct border crossings, six undersea cable investments as well as partner relationships with other cable systems. The KSA sits at the heart of the Middle East and is a hub for call transit to its border countries.


STC offers two payment structures for the originating carrier and the terminating carrier. The originating carrier can pay transit charges to STC as well as the terminating carrier or use a cascading payment method with the originating operator paying STC the fee with an allocation being passed on by STC to the terminating carrier. With this flexibility built into STC's International Call Transit services, STC is there to meet the individual needs of the international telecoms community.

Reach more places, faster with the most direct routes via the KSA. STC is your trusted partner for crossing the KSA.

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