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STC's International Call Termination serves open the door to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the international telecoms community. International mobile and fixed-line operators can rely on STC to manage the termination of their voice traffic within the KSA via its international gateways and access networks. STC has more than 6.3 million access lines in the KSA and 80,000 km of fiber across the Kingdom. It has the largest reach of any carrier within the KSA and can deliver the termination services that carriers need.


International operators are able to benefit from the depth and breadth of STC's network infrastructure and enjoy the seamless delivery of international calls to mobile or fixed-line geographic numbers. STC is a proactive partner for International Call Termination and is ready with 24/7 monitoring and fault management using industry-leading network technologies to deliver risk-free termination with an optimum quality of service.

The depth and reach of the STC network means that calls reach their destination quickly and efficiency with less loss dropped calls meaning longer call times and increased call frequency. As the leading carrier in the KSA, STC is your best choice for call termination in the KSA.

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