Enhanced International Voice Transit

How it works

STC's Enhanced International Voice Transit service allows international mobile and fixed-line operators to deliver more service to more destinations leveraging STC's international relationships. An international carrier can hand off traffic to STC allowing the originating carrier to offer its retail customers services to 240 destinations with which STC has direct and indirect routes.

This is ideal for operators requiring temporary routes or operators looking to build further redundancy into their network and manage congestion or overflow.


Working with STC means expanding a telecoms operator's scope and being able to deliver more services to customers both home and abroad. The strength of STC's relationships means that international mobile and fixed-line operators can be confident when handing traffic off to STC to terminate, increasing their reach and opening up new destinations to offer their retail customers.

STC makes offering more routes across more geographies easy and effortless for international mobile and fixed-line operators. STC's trusted solutions help carriers to capture new business and offer their customers greater options for delivering services in the retail market.

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