Directory Assistance System

How it works

STC's Directory Assistance System functions as a three digit call handed off by a national licensed operator. The call is delivered from the operator's network to STC and is routed to a STC call center and answered by STC call center staff. Call center staff is then able to provide the client operator's subscribers with telephone numbers of listed subscribers within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from one comprehensive and centrally-managed database.


STC has the fastest and most efficient Directory Assistance System in the KSA. Operators in the KSA can rely on STC to have an up-to-date directory database and be able to offer trained call center staff to answer database queries. This means that operators can outsource this function to STC and relieve themselves from the burden of maintaining and operating a facility to provide numbers of STC subscribers.

Operators in the KSA can ensure that they are offering the most complete suite of retail solutions through partnering with STC to use its Directory Assistance Systems.

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