Site Sharing Features & Benefits

How it works

stc's Infrastructure Sharing for Base Station Sites and Towers enables operators to put their base station antennas on stc's more than 5,000 mobile towers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to providing space for installing equipment. Operators are responsible for assessing the needed tower reinforcements and required site upgrades, and awarding the work to an stc Wholesale certified contractor.

Co-location is provided on a first-come first-serve basis. stc green-field site sharing service includes: space for shelter, space for antenna and power.


Building out wireless network coverage is a capital intensive and time consuming undertaking. This is why stc offers Infrastructure Sharing for its base station sites and towers, opening up opportunities for fixed-line and mobile operators in the KSA to reach more places across the nation. Using stc's existing infrastructure accelerates the deployment of mobile and WiMax networks and provides operators with increased cost efficiency making their businesses stronger with greater reach.

Infrastructure sharing is a win-win for telecoms operators in the KSA and a natural extension of stc's role in this dynamic market.