stc offers two variations of its International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) service between two fixed points via its national and international network infrastructure.
IPLC for National to International circuits extends from the customer’s site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to a location abroad via the network of stc's international counterparts. Similarly for International to International circuits, two international sites are connected via the KSA as requested by the customer.
For both variations, stc coordinates with international operators for the establishment of the other half of the circuit leveraging stc’s relationships with all major international carriers as well as regional providers.

Features and benefits:

  • stc simplifies international connectivity through providing seamless connectivity over international submarine and terrestrial networks as well as satellite systems. It enables customers to build their international connectivity and operate confidently with the support of stc’s infrastructure and expertise.
  • stc has relationships with more than six undersea cable systems connecting the KSA with diverse and reliable infrastructure that is also backed up by redundancy provided by its relationships with satellite operators. With this in place stc can offer route diversity and offer customers short delivery times across a large range of capacities.
  • stc is connected to the world’s infrastructure and ready to simplify its carrier customers’ approach to international connectivity.