Restoration services are critical to maintaining “always-on” connectivity. National and international carriers can benefit from stc's Restoration services, which provides carriers with backup capacities via stc's terrestrial backhaul and fiber networks. stc can therefore provide restoration for a national or international carrier's services should a disruption take place or additional capacity be needed for a limited period of time. stc has the flexibility to offer Restoration services as a planned or permanent service as well as on an ad-hoc or temporarily basis.

Features and benefits:

• stc’s extensive infrastructure both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as abroad means it can be a reliable partner for unplanned interruptions to service. It is able to deliver seamless connectivity so that its customers can get up and running in an efficient and timely manner in the event of a disruption of service. In the event of a disruption, it is critical that any telecoms operator have a partner with committed infrastructure in place to restore network connectivity and ensure customers have the services they need. The depth of stc’s terrestrial and undersea cable networks positions it to be the Restoration provider of choice in the Middle East.