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In addition to its extensive terrestrial and undersea cable network, STC has relationships with satellite capacity providers and offers satellite services for telecoms operators. STC offers both primary access and backup satellite services for national and international operators as well as TV broadcasters on a permanent or on-demand. It offers capacity for satellite transmission on Arabsat and Intelsat as well as activation and deactivation services on Inmarsat. STC's satellite services are available with fiber backhaul transmission.

Arabsat's transmission capacity is available on Satellite 60 from STC's Riyadh Earth Station, and on Satellites 62 and 335.5 from STC's Jeddah Earth Station.

Intelsat's transmission capacity is available from Transponder 19 on 6 ASBU Channels. Transmission is done over C-band and Ku-band.


Satellite is still an important component of a complete telecoms offering and STC has relationships with satellite operators so its partners don't have to. STC's satellite services are part of its comprehensive suite of telecoms services and means that telecoms operators can treat STC as a go-to resource for all of their service needs. From back-up to broadcast, STC can help telecoms operators to access all manners of service and offer their customers both the reliability of satellite infrastructure as well as new and unique services.

STC has complemented its international connectivity with two satellite earth station complexes in Jeddah and Riyadh and is ready to deliver whatever services that a telecoms operator may need.

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