National Transmission Link

How it works

stc offers domestic bidirectional point-to-point transmission capacity for voice, data, video, and internet services allowing national operators and service providers to extend their reach across stc's national network.

stc delivers intra-city services for local transmission providing access to connect local exchanges or network elements such as Base Transceiver Stations (BTS). In addition, stc offers inter-city connectivity between local switches or network elements, for example between BTS and Base Station Controllers. It is an ideal way to connect mobile base stations with other operator infrastructure.


stc's National Transmission Link offering is flexible, reliable and scalable with capacity allocated to each customer on an individual basis depending on their needs using self-healing rings to rapidly restore communications in the event of a node failure or fiber cut. stc has nine Self- Healing Rings and more than 49 Virtual Rings with 24x7x354 monitoring and restoration.

With quality as the foundation of stc's voice services, operators within the KSA can rely on stc to offer competitive prices with an attractive volume discount structure.

stc's broad network reach provides service to inaccessible areas for national operators through inter-city and intra-city transmission links and has the largest coverage of any operator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.