Landing Station Interconnection

Landing Station Interconnection

How it works

stc enables operators to interconnect undersea cable systems as well as international terrestrial networks through stc's landing station in Jeddah. Sitting at the heart of the Middle East, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an ideal location for telecoms operators to interconnect between undersea cables.

International operators can interconnect between two undersea cables that are connected at stc's landing station at Jeddah as well as interconnect between an undersea cable connected to Jeddah landing station and a hard-patched circuit from Jeddah to a client's border connection.

stc offers connectivity between SMW-3, SAS-1 and FLAG cable systems as well as a hard-patched link with other undersea cable systems. In addition, stc offers interconnection between its two landing stations in Jeddah when connecting SMW-4 to SMW-3, Flag or SAS-1.


stc's extensive undersea cable connectivity makes it the most efficient place to interconnect undersea cable capacity. Whether you are connecting to Africa, Europe, Asia or the Middle East, stc has the undersea cable connectivity carriers need. This broad geographic reach makes Jeddah the easiest and most straightforward location to interconnect undersea cable capacity. The KSA operates as a true hub for the region and is ideally located to be the interconnect point of choice as telecoms operators reach both emerging and developed markets around the world.

stc's broad network reach provides service to inaccessible areas for national operators through inter-city and intra-city transmission links and has the largest coverage of any operator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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