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Self service machine is one of sales and services channels for Saudi Telecom Company, which distributed in STC outlets and public locations selected in some shopping malls and Airports in the KSA. The machine allow Business customer to execute many services without trouble and by one touch around the clock.

The current services provided for Business customers:

  • Print bill summary
  • Pay bills by Debit card and credit cards


  • View all accounts and number of services under each account
  • View the amount due for each account
  • View the paid amount for each account


Q: What is the self-service machine ?

A: Self service machine is one of sales and services channels for Saudi Telecom Company, which distributed in STC outlets and public locations selected in some shopping malls and Airports in the Kingdom.

Q: What is the current device services?

A: Print Billing Summary and bills payment.

Q: How can pay bills?

A: By debit cards or credit card (Visa - MasterCard - American Express).

Q: is it possible to pay the amounts due to some accounts completely and others partially?

A: Yes

Q: is it possible to pay multiple accounts in a one process?

A: Yes, possible through credit cards.

Q: Who is the authorized for login to the machine and use all services?

A:The Admin user and Sub admin of MyBusiness portal. By using the same username and password for MyBusiness.

Q: How can thr register in MyBusiness?

A: By following the instructions in MYBUSINESS REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS

Q: How can restore user name or password for previous registration?

A: Access to the link can not access your account? And follow the instructions.

Q: How can change the admin user information for previous registration?

A: by login to MyBusiness portal and go to personal setting and change the e-mail and contact number and password.
Or through e-mail us on with attaching the same documents required for the new registration.

Select language

Select (Business)

Enter login information

For payment select accounts and press on (Pay). For print bill summary press on PRINTING ICON

You can pay amount due completely or partially

Select payment method (Debit– Credit)

Select type of credit card

Insert credit card

Enter CVV code which on the back of card

The success of the payment process

Take voucher of payment details

For pay by debit, select payment method (Debit Card)

Insert debit card

Enter PIN

The success of the payment process

Take voucher of payment details


City Office Name
Riyadh King Abdullaziz Road (Sahara Mall)
Riyadh Swaidy
Riyadh King Khaled Airport (Terminal 5)
Riyadh Exit 15
Riyadh Exit 13
Riyadh Granada Mall
Riyadh Ghadeer - Exit 5
Riyadh Malaz
Riyadh Araija
Riyadh Takhasusi Road (Panorama Mall)
Riyadh Shifa
Riyadh King Khaled Airport (Terminal 2)
Riyadh Smart tower
Riyadh Alqasr
Riyadh diplomatic Quarter
Riyadh Imam saud road
Riyadh STC HQ - Building 11
Riyadh Alsahafa
Riyadh Smart tower (King Fahad Road)
Riyadh Exit 5
Riyadh Taqasusi Road
Riyadh Faisaliah Tower
Riyadh STC HQ - Building 5
Riyadh Mursalat
Riyadh Sharq
Riyadh Tahliah
Riyadh Hurimila
Riyadh Kharj
Riyadh Muzahmiah
Riyadh Rumah
Riyadh Shaqra
Riyadh Shoura
Riyadh Gosi
Riyadh Dis. Hamra
Riyadh Dis. Sajir
Riyadh Dis. Sudayr
Riyadh Dis. Zulfi
Riyadh Dis. Majmaa
Riyadh Dis. Deeriyah
Jeddah Phalestine Road 1
Jeddah Prince sultan Road
Jeddah Phalestine Road 2
Jeddah Tahliah Road
Jeddah Saudi Tech
Jeddah Alruwais
Jeddah Sari
Jeddah Alsamar
Jeddah King Abdulaziz Airport - North terminal
Jeddah Baqdadiya
Jeddah Rawdah
Jeddah Mishrifa
Jeddah King Abdulaziz Airport - South terminal
Jeddah Hera Road (Hera Mall)
Jeddah Aziziyah
Jeddah Salamah
Jeddah Tahlia Center
Jeddah Aljamaa
Jeddah Corniche
Jeddah Jamjoum
Jeddah Redsea Mall
Jeddah Safa
Jeddah Khulais
Makkah Umrah
Makkah Sitten road
Makkah Makkah Mall
Makkah Aziziyah
Makkah Allith
Makkah Daraltauheed
Makkah shraie
Makkah Umrah
Makkah Awali
Madina Alsiddiq
Madina Abarali
Madina Awali
Madina Mahd
Madina Badr
Madina Taiba
Madina Ohud
Madina Al-hara
Madina Aloula
Madina Qebaa
Khobar King Faisal Road
Khobar Almontazah-1
Khobar Almontazah-Female
Khobar Almontazah-2
Khobar Alrashid
Khobar Corniche
Khobar Dahran Mall
Dammam Alathir
Dammam Aqrabiah
Dammam Shatee
Dammam Julwia
Dammam Almajdoui
Dammam Qatif
Dammam Head quarter
Dahran Aramco
Hasa Gurah
Hasa Panda
Hasa Main
Hasa Ali Tower
Hasa Hofuf
Jubail Noariyah
Jubail Fanateer
Jubail Al balad
Jubail Khafji
Qassim Aljerdah
Qassim Alrass
Qassim Buraida North
Qassim Almothanb
Qassim Bukariyah
Qassim Main
Qassim Onaizah
Qassim Alsafra
Qassim Riykabra
Qassim Onaizah
Abha Sharafieah
Abha Mahail Aserr
Tabuk Haql
Tabuk Main
Tabuk Umluj
Tabuk Salhiyya
Tabuk Duba
Tabuk Moroj
Jouf Skaka Alqalaah
Jouf Gurayat
Jouf Tabarjal
North Boun. Turaif
Taif Heartmall
Taif Aljanoubi
Taif Main
Taif Halaqa
Taif Ranyah
Taif Nuzhah
Taif Hawiyah
Taif Khurmah
Taif Jaish
Hail Main
Hail Ajaa
Hail Jameein
Hail Chamber Of Commerce
Hail Ashamli
Hafr Albaten Namothgi
Hafr Albaten Thybiyah
Arar Arar
Asir Main
Asir Asir Mall
Asir Bishah
Asir West Abha
Asir Saratobieda
Asir Alabalad
Asir Alnamas
Asir Tareeb
Asir Tathleeth
Asir Khamis Avenue
Baha Aqeeq
Baha Mandag
Baha Alqara
Baha Baljuraishi
Baha Alhawia
Baha Alburj Main
Baha Main
Jizan Airport Road
Jizan Corniche
Jizan Baish
Jizan Abuarish
Jizan Corniche Road
Jizan Albalad
Jizan Sabia
Jizan Samtah
Jizan Aldarb
Qunfitha Gonfathedu
Najran algabil
Najran Habouna
Najran Alfahad
Najran Sharora
Najran Abusaud
Najran Aljamaa
Najran Aresa
Najran Faisaliah
Yanbu Yanbu Albahar
Yanbu Aleis
Yanbu Indust
RasTanurah Ras Tanoora
North Boun. Arar
North Boun. Rafha

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