trying to fix your employees’ screens? don’t worry about it!

the "Premium Device Protection" service will return their phones to them in the same condition as they were before and even better

Keep their phones safe and their work secure

With the Premium Devices Protection Program, you can protect your new facility's devices from any damage or glitch that is not covered by the device manufacturer's warranty for the period of the device contract.

Let the protection be comprehensive

Because we value your comfort, the service includes:

  • Receiving and transporting the broken device to and from your facility.
  • Repair broken device screen.
  • Repair malfunctions caused by liquid exposure to the device.
  • Repair the device of any technical defect.
  • Replacing the device with a new device when needed and at a fixed fee.

Activate your subscription now

Get the service at 33.35 SR per month until the end of your device contract!
With a fee of 401.35 SR when you want to repair or replace your device every time*

* The term of the stc protect contract is 12, 18 or 24 months, in accordance with the period chosen for the device’s contract
* Customers are entitled to 2 device repairs or 1 replacement
* Prices are 15% VAT inclusive

Available for selected devices ، only and not available for device sold in bundles.

Service activation channels

Whether you choose an installment device program or a device discount, you can get the service after you buy the phone via:

  • Account Manager
  • Visit one of our branches and offices

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