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We designed Foodics Packages to increase your revenue and manage your business at any time and from anywhere by the cloud cashier and multi applications that works on an IPad with 5G router, Printer and Cash drawer on our monthly installments packages.

Foodics Packages:

  • Foodics Standard
  • Foodics Extra
  • Foodics Premium

We provide them to you with:


  • Cashier Drawer
  • IPad
  • IPad Holder
  • Printer
  • 5G and 4G Router
  • IPad Mini “Optional”
  • IPad Mini Holder “Optional”


  • Warehouse App: Virtual storage to operate as a warehouse or central kitchen
  • Kitchen Display: Display screen in the kitchen to prepare and track orders
  • Cashier App: Virtual waiter to serve more customers
  • Customer Display: Shows customer order, stc pay barcode, and marketing materials
  • Loyalty System: A designed module to engage & retain customer by reward points
  • Notifier App: Shows the status of customs orders
  • Web Cashier: Electronic sales management, suits for food trucks & small retails
  • Digital Receipts: Sending digital receipts to customers by SMS or email
  • Online Store License: Additional sales channel, enables online ordering & payments
  • API Access: Ability to share customer API access to integrate to Foodics
  • Gift Cards License: Enables selling Gift Cards as a product
  • Call Center License: Enables delivery & pickup orders with many capabilities


  • Bakery and coffee shops
  • Drive thru
  • Luxury restaurants
  • Food trucks
  • Commercial franchise


  • Supports Arabic and English
  • Secure cloud system, synchronizes the data automatically if the WiFi was off
  • Works with delivery applications
  • Managing & monitoring the business from any device, at any time and place
  • Barcode reader through Bluetooth
  • Supports global accounting systems ERP
  • Multiple payment methods, like stc pay
  • 24/7 Technical support

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