Shabik Plus

Let your ads reach your clients and know their interests

STC Managed WiFi Shabik Plus is an add-on service to the already existing Managed WiFi Shabik services. This solution provides an advanced level of WiFi monetization and analytics including location analytics for connected Wi-Fi users to have a greater visibility to the WiFi Access Points Wireless network. The value proposition is marketing messages sent in various forms to end users’ connected devices for retail and enterprise marketing verticals and industries. It provides them with insights to user data, control and administration of WiFi users on certain premises, giving them the opportunity to grow their business value over wireless WiFi networks.

Why choose us:

  • WiFi marketing and monetization.
  • Location-based analytics.
  • Managed and Cisco integrated Managed WiFi Shabik dashboard.
  • Guest Experience, Welcome Pages & Onboarding.
  • Enhanced Venue with Multi-language.
  • Custom Built-in Templates.
  • Social Login (e.g.: Facebook, Twitter, Google).
  • Guest Segmentation.
  • Guest Demographics and Session Reports & Analytics with Guest API.

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