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Now you can directly monitor your patients’ medical scans via stc cloud and access them anytime

Enterprise Medical Imaging (EMI) is a cloud-based solution that enables the seamless management, storage, and viewing of medical images. EMI also allows for the aggregation and retrieval of medical images across departments in the same healthcare facility and among multiple healthcare facilities.


  • Full enterprise medical imaging solution for healthcare providers
  • Increases radiologists’ productivity and streamlines the medical imaging workflow in healthcare facilities
  • Improves patient care experience and reduces medical images reporting time
  • Improves and streamlines clinical decision-making
  • Provides scalable storage capacity to address the increasing storage requirements of medical imaging systems
  • Provides a vendor-neutral medical images viewing and archiving solution
  • Provides full integration with health information systems
  • Facilitates compliance with international and local healthcare standards
  • Enables healthcare’s digital transformation and facilitates the adoption of new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning

Why stc?

  • EMI is hosted in a secure and highly available digital cloud environment that is HIPAA compliant.
  • EMI provides a geographically centralized solution through stc cloud to support healthcare facilities with distributed locations.
  • EMI is a fully managed service that simplifies infrastructure management in healthcare facilities.
  • EMI is supported by highly skilled technical and medical support teams.

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