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Avoid network high traffic and limit harmful data with Distributed Denial of Service protection

As organizations continue to incorporate the Internet as a key component of their operations, the global cyber-threat level is increasing. One of the most common types of cyber-threats is the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks - an attack preventing users from accessing a system for a period of time. Recent DDoS attacks have left prominent and large web sites inaccessible to customers, partners and users for hours or days, resulting in significant financial, reputational, and other losses.

Major features of Anti-DDOS service:

  • Protection against volumetric attacks in cloud to maintain your business continuity.

  • Blocks only malicious attack traffic without interrupting legitimate traffic to your network.

  • Proactive monitoring and protection of customer network against DDOS attacks.

Value Proposition

Improved business continuity

  • Provide Clean Internet by removing flooding traffic.

  • Proactive monitoring & alerts from any DDoS anomalies.

  • Shield customer from growing threats on the Internet.


  • Network based solution; no need for customer onsite equipment (customer can opt to have an appliance placed at his premise for a multi-layered protection)

  • Effective way to stop high bandwidth attacks congesting customer network.

  • Frequent upgrades to protect against new types of attack.

End to End Management

  • 24x7 monitoring by Security Experts.

  • Online reporting through secure website.

  • Manage services end to end; from time of detecting attack to when the traffic is back to normal.

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