Managed APM

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A set of managed, cloud-based and On-premises offerings powerful and unified Application Performance Management (APM) solution.
Managed APM helps you visualize your entire application environment with our industry-leading Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution Provide powerful APM Managed Services solution, real-time application monitoring, automated anomaly detection, and end-to-end visibility into the entire application stack.

Why choose us:

  • Decrease your business risk by protecting your Application Environments.
  • Better performance through observability, intelligence, and automation.
  • full-stack observability can help you focus on business performance, grow your profits, and deliver .
  • Improve production quality with code-level tracing.
  • The industry’s leading APM solution for tighter teamwork and better business results.
  • Opex and Flexible Payment Model.
  • Help to optimize your IT cost and improve End User Productivity.
  • A set of managed solution that will address every type of applications.
  • Spend less time fixing issues and more time driving innovation.

Features & benefit:

  • Full-stack observability through the lens of business impact.
  • On-prem and Cloud base Management Platform solution
  • Fix anomalies in real time.
  • Manage hybrid environments.
  • Observability across your entire business application ecosystem.
  • Actively monitor, analyse and optimize complex application environments at scale.

Digital Experiences Management

DEM add-on extends Application Performance Monitoring (APM) which includes real time functioning of applications, services, performance across all digital channels of the customer providing an outside perspective. This additional platform combines application performance data, real user behaviour, synthetic monitoring, and deeper experience insights like session replays, to pinpoint digital experience issues and understand the precise impact to business KPIs (Business IQ).

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