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What is the SD-Edge?

An open edge-computing device operated on the customer premises to improve performance and lower latency and make the customer network ready for the agility, flexibility and expandability.
SD-Edge is a proximity to the end-customer application ensures low latency, low cost, and creates scalability, Open multivendor and deployable at scale.

Why SD-Edge?

Organizations of all sizes are modernizing their Wide Area Networks to provide improved user experience for a range of cloud-enabled applications.


  • Virtualized and serviced chained on a single hardware footprint.
  • Virtualized Network Function (VNF).
  • Simplified operational deployment, fewer SKU, common MOPs.
  • Common management and support.
  • Rapid deployment of services, no longer tied to hardware, simply push a VNF.


  • Faster time to deploy new network functionality- by enabling network functions to be added and changed on-demand.
  • SD-Edge helps reduce complexity and drive down costs for customers business.
  • SD-Edge Network puts responsibility of managing applications by keeping the service running smoothly and provide detailed reports on the service on the stc DC who proactively manages customer's performance.
  • Zero Time to deploy.
  • Provide customers with flexible deployment options.
  • Shared Resources from Large Library of 3rd party VNFs.
  • Reduce Cost and Complexity Refined by Low cost with pay as you grow system.
  • Increased availability and scalability.
  • On Demand Service Available via instant activation On stc Cloud Marketplace.
  • Available via instant activation On stc Cloud Marketplace.
  • Move functionality between hardware platforms for increased availability and scalability.

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