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What Is Medical Voice Recognition (MVR)?

Documenting complete patient story has always been challenging for healthcare providers, where healthcare personnel spend a significant portion of their time on the computer to type in & correct documentation errors.
Medical Voice Recognition service, helps physicians and other clinicians in securely documenting patient care in the Medical Records, by simply dictating into their microphone, which converts their voice into text in real time with better accuracy.
Medical Voice Recognition increases documentation efficiency and quality, as well as satisfaction of health professionals while accomplishing clinical documentation, where physicians get more time in diagnosing the patient rather than focusing on typing & correcting.

What Are The Benefits Of Medical Voice Recognition (MVR)?

Reducing turn-around time in clinical reporting and reducing the cost of documentation. Helping healthcare organizations save operational costs by automating the documentation process while improving clinician satisfaction which allows them to spend more time with patients.

What Are The Features Of Medical Voice Recognition (MVR)?

  • Supply and installation of devices with competitive prices.
  • A single voice profile across platforms and devices.
  • Improve quality of data means improved analytics.
  • Medical vocabulary, specialty language models and accent support.
  • Support individual clinician preferences and workflows.
  • Shortcuts/templates .
  • ease of dictating, navigating, reviewing, and editing speech recognition generated documentation.
  • Ready to use out of the box .
  • Free text dictation within EHR.

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