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M2M SIM’s are uniquely designed SIM’s tailored to suite enterprise needs of connecting different M2M applications within Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, a next generation technology which allow devices to exchange information with each other automatically and without any human intervention. These modular SIM’s are characterized by handling harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures or humidity, they are also designed to withstand the shocks, giving it a relatively high lifespan up to 10 years. All of this, makes it perfect for running many of IoT application with high efficiency, such as Fleets Control, Asset Tracking, linking ATM Machines, Smart Meters and others. M2M SIM supports various communication technologies (2G/3G/4G) in addition to our flavored M2M data plans which gives our customers world class coverage kingdom wide and flexibility to choose a rate plan that meets their business expectations respectively.

M2M Use Cases

  • Industry and Energy

    Industrial Automation and Control.
    Real-time Monitoring.
    Smart Grids.
    Smart Meters and Telemetry.
    Environmental Monitoring.
  • Automotive and Logistic Services

    Fleet Control.
    Connected car.
    Assets Tracking.
  • Retail and Financial Services

    Point of Sales.
    Vending Machines.
    Supply Chain Management
  • Healthcare

    Remote Patient Monitoring.
    Hospital Equipment Monitoring.
  • Security

    Video Surveillance.
    Remote Alarm systems.

M2M SIM Comparison with Regular SIM Regular SIM M2M SIM
Size 2FF, 3FF, 4FF 2FF
Resistance to Humidity Low High
Temperature -25°C to +85°C -40°C to +105°C
Target life span Up to 5 Years Up to 10 Years
Ruggedized No Yes

M2M SIM Technical Specifications
Size (2FF), 15x25x0.76 mm
Operating Temperature -40°C to +105°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +125°C
Lifespan Up to 10 Years
OS 2G/3G/LTE, Java card, eXtended-Life (XL)
Supply Voltage & Consumption Supply Voltage:
ISO Class A: (5V), B (3V) & C (1.8V)
Consumption Limits:
< 10 mA @ 5 V
< 6 mA @ 3.3 V

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