SAT IP allows the customer to leverage the coverage of satellites communication reach to have IPVPN everywhere regardless of location.
SAT IP utilizes latest VSAT products and technologies to connect customer locations to STC MPLS.

Service Features

  • Our VSAT network support data encryption allows the customer to expand IPVPN (virtual private networks over IP) reach regardless of location using SAT IP services.
  • SAT IP works seamlessly based on the customer’s business requirements. It integrates with the STC Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network to provide the IPVPN service.
  • This high level of security is what makes VSATs and IPVPN a great combination for corporate and Government/Enterprise customers, with dispersed locations providing reliable inter-branch communication over a robust, private network yet taking advantage of the STC MPLS Network.
  • SAT IP is offered with different bandwidth options up to 20 Mbps allowing customer to choose what suits them most.

Service Benefits

  • High Availability: For locations with no copper or fiber access, SAT IP helps connect such remote area across the Kingdom with assured access.
  • Compatible: Customer’s applications served by STC IPVPN services can be delivered with SAT IP.
  • Business Continuity: it’s a great backup option to terrestrial networks making SAT IP ideal for disaster recovery and first responder communications.
  • Quality of Service: VSATs support QoS (Quality of Service) and Layer 2 prioritization policies that can be applied across the WAN link. This enables real-time applications to be deployed across the network with high efficiency.
  • Fast Set up: From provisioning, setting and fully deployed within 1-2 days, we will get you up and running on a fast VSAT and connect your business.
  • Three Packages: SAT IP Comes in Premium, Standard and Economy Packages. – each with its own distinct of level of quality, high reliability and bandwidth options. This makes it a great choice from those starting out with minimal requirements to Premium customers who need it all. The three packages lets customers choose what’s right for them based on their need and budget.

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