Wi-Fi Solutions

Corner-to-corner coverage across your workplace

There’s no need for your office to suffer with poor connectivity or black spots when you have Wi-Fi Solutions from STC.
Prior to installation, our technical team will conduct a site survey and put together a recommended layout, including wireless access points, power line adapters, wireless repeaters, and more to ensure you have the best possible connectivity at all times. .
Your unique solution will also come with flexible payment options.

Why choose us:

  • Enhanced Wi-Fi coverage. .
  • Consistent, stable, and secure. .
  • End-to-end service from STC Business. .
  • One-year warranty on all equipment. .
  • You can get it as a Jood Aamal add-on. .
  • Flexible payment (once-off payment or instalment plans). .

Service Price:

Device One time Price 12 months Installment Price
Wireless Power Line SR599 SR54
Wireless Repeater SR429 SR39
Wireless smart Wi-Fi AC Technology SR959 SR86

Service One time Price 12 months installment Price
Maintenance/ Relocation and Wiring SR400 SR36
Cost of extra wiring meter SR7–Sale and configuration shall be in multiples of 5 SR3 per 5 meters


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