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What Is Business Event Service?

Business event service offers corporate customers reliable high performance internet service with flexible short time period to entertain their ad-hoc demands especially for temporary occasions like seminars, exhibitions, festivals etc

What Are the Benefits Of Business Event service?

  • Flexible.
  • Affordable.
  • Reliable High performance.
  • Best Service coverage.
  • 24x7 Service Assurance.

What Are the Features Of Business Event Service?

  • Short period subscription with minimum commitment of 3 days.
  • Recurring subscription charge based on actual duration of the business event.
  • Dedicated internet service ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.
  • Service available across the kingdom subject to stc feasibility assessment.
  • stc care team reachable round the clock via unified care number 909.

The displayed prices include 15% VAT
Access Speeds Installation Charge Monthly Charge
10 Mbps SR11,500 SR29,825
12 Mbps SR11,500 SR35,751
15 Mbps SR11,500 SR44,642
20 Mbps SR11,500 SR59,458
25 Mbps SR11,500 SR74,276
30 Mbps SR11,500 SR89,094
34 Mbps SR11,500 SR98,806
40 Mbps SR11,500 SR115,936
45 Mbps SR11,500 SR130,479
50 Mbps SR11,500 SR144,875
60 Mbps SR11,500 SR173,667
70 Mbps SR11,500 SR200,251
75 Mbps SR11,500 SR211,722
80 Mbps SR11,500 SR225,793
90 Mbps SR11,500 SR253,936
100 Mbps SR11,500 SR282,079
120 Mbps SR11,500 SR338,365
130 Mbps SR11,500 SR363,907
140 Mbps SR11,500 SR386,850
150 Mbps SR11,500 SR409,792
155 Mbps SR11,500 SR421,263
200 Mbps SR11,500 SR542,055
250 Mbps SR11,500 SR676,039
300 Mbps SR11,500 SR810,482
400 Mbps SR11,500 SR1,078,909
500 Mbps SR11,500 SR1,347,337
620 Mbps SR11,500 SR1,635,647
700 Mbps SR11,500 SR1,846,228
800 Mbps SR11,500 SR2,109,455
900 Mbps SR11,500 SR2,372,682
1 Gbps SR11,500 SR2,627,720
2 Gbps SR11,500 SR5,243,777
3 Gbps SR11,500 SR7,859,834
4 Gbps SR11,500 SR10,475,891
5 Gbps SR11,500 SR13,091,947
6 Gbps SR11,500 SR15,708,004
7 Gbps SR11,500 SR18,324,061
8 Gbps SR11,500 SR20,940,118
9 Gbps SR11,500 SR23,55,6175
10 Gbps SR11,500 SR26,172,231

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