PLL Layer 2


Pseudo leased line service offers VPN connectivity with more privacy and security. It resides on Layer 2 and supports a variety of protocols and grants control to the customer for traffic and routing management.
PLL service configured through a static router on stc’s MPLS network and it lets customers connect Point to Point.

Why choose us?:

  • Scale up from 1 MB to 10 GB.
  • Symmetrical connectivity for consistent uploads / downloads.
  • PLL is a fully integrated private virtual network on network layer 2.
  • Advanced security and privacy - traffic and routing controlled by customers.
  • Customer can subscribe to 100% failover through Complete Backup Link Service.
  • Highly availability across stc’s robust MPLS network.
  • Service delivered with a variety of latest state of the art Fiber technologies as well as high quality Microwave solutions for corporates.
  • 24/7 professional support through our call center and field operation.


The displayed prices include 15% VAT
Monthly charges for connecting two locations One Time Installation Access Speed
SR7,245 SR2,875 1 Mbps
SR9,660 SR2,875 2 Mbps
SR14,145 SR2,875 3 Mbps
SR18,630 SR2,875 4 Mbps
SR23,115 SR2,875 5 Mbps
SR25,875 SR2,875 6 Mbps
SR30,015 SR23,000 7 Mbps
SR34,155 SR23,000 8 Mbps
SR38,295 SR23,000 9 Mbps
SR42,435 SR23,000 10 Mbps
SR46,575 SR23,000 11 Mbps
SR50,715 SR23,000 12 Mbps
SR54,855 SR23,000 13 Mbps
SR58,995 SR23,000 14 Mbps
SR63,135 SR23,000 15 Mbps
SR67,275 SR23,000 16 Mbps
SR71,415 SR23,000 17 Mbps
SR75,555 SR23,000 18 Mbps
SR79,695 SR23,000 19 Mbps
SR83,835 SR23,000 20 Mbps
SR91,770 SR23,000 25 Mbps
SR91,770 SR23,000 30 Mbps
SR91,770 SR23,000 34 Mbps
SR116,438 SR23,000 45 Mbps
SR127,650 SR23,000 50 Mbps
SR137,655 SR23,000 70 Mbps
SR137,655 SR23,000 75 Mbps
SR145,510 SR23,000 80 Mbps
SR161,207 SR23,000 90 Mbps
SR176,905 SR23,000 100 Mbps
SR205,275 SR23,000 120 Mbps
SR205,275 SR23,000 130 Mbps
SR205,275 SR23,000 140 Mbps
SR205,275 SR23,000 155 Mbps
SR260,924 SR23,000 200 Mbps
SR384,572 SR23,000 300 Mbps
SR508,220 SR23,000 400 Mbps
SR627,900 SR23,000 500 Mbps
SR627,900 SR23,000 620 Mbps
SR801,780 SR23,000 800 Mbps
SR898,380 SR23,000 900 Mbps
SR917,700 SR23,000 1 Gbps
SR1,352,400 SR23,000 1.5 Gbps
SR1,669,800 SR23,000 2 Gbps
SR1,932,000 SR23,000 2.5 Gbps
SR2,309,775 SR23,000 3 Gbps
SR3,065,325 SR23,000 4 Gbps
SR3,605,250 SR23,000 5 Gbps
SR4,309,050 SR23,000 6 Gbps
SR5,012,850 SR23,000 7 Gbps
SR5,716,650 SR23,000 8 Gbps
SR6,420,450 SR23,000 9 Gbps
SR6,693,000 SR23,000 10 Gbps

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