Wireless Virtual Business Network (IP VPN)

Essential business tools for success

Setting up separate local networks when your business operates in different locations is expensive, fragments resources and slows down business.
Employees working on the go must not be left out either. You can now connect your company’s multiple locations together with our Mobile IP Virtual
Private Network (Mobile IP VPN). Mobile IP VPN resides on Layer 3, guaranteeing a secure VPN “any-to-any” layer connection across our Multiprotocol
Label Switching (MPLS) and mobile systems. This service supports a wide range of applications including internet, data, voice, and video.

Why choose us:

  • 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE connectivity.
  • Advanced security and privacy.
  • Traffic and routing control.
  • Balanced connectivity for steady uploads and downloads.
  • Ability to scale up from 64Kbps to 2Mbps.
  • Allows for a seamless business expansion.
  • Highly availability across our MPLS network.
  • 24/7 professional support.
  • Long-term plan options (up to five years) available with discounted rates.
  • Flat rates.

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