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Medium-size businesses and large corporations need to operate from different locations, and share sizeable amounts of information and resources among them. It isn’t feasible or practical to set up separate local networks in each of your locations.
It is not only that more expensive, it also fragments resources and slows down business.
That’s where Nationwide Virtual Business Network (IP-VPN) comes into play. You can now establish seamless Layer3 VPN connections to one central network from across the Kingdom through our infrastructure. The way this works is by bypassing the internet and instead routing all your traffic locally. By bypassing the internet, you’ll benefit from a more stable connection, while avoiding latency and congestion. Avoiding internet routing also provides a higher level of security, as the vast majority of cyberattacks are not doable without the internet.

Why choose us?:

  • Higher levels of security.
  • Service delivered with variety of latest state of art Fiber technologies as well as high quality Microwave solutions for corporates
  • Flexibility to choose different speeds and bandwidths for each location.
  • Ensured business continuity, thanks to our optional Complete Backup Link Service (CBLS).
  • Centralized network management.
  • Unparalleled speeds and stability, thanks to a host of technologies like Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).
  • Symmetrical and dedicated upload and download all the times with no sharing
  • Range of value-added services, like Managed Router Service (MRS) and Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Wide range of QoS packages suitable for every budget whether your priority is required for real-time, voice or data application, our Qos packages are flexible to address your need
  • 24/7 Call Centre and Field Operations Team.


Access Speed One Time Installation MRC
64 Kbps SR2,500 SR680
128 Kbps SR2,500 SR1,000
256 Kbps SR2,500 SR1,520
512 Kbps SR2,500 SR2,055
1 Mbps SR2,500 SR2,100
2 Mbps SR2,500 SR2,800
3 Mbps SR2,500 SR4,100
4 Mbps SR2,500 SR5,400
5 Mbps SR2,500 SR6,700
6 Mbps SR2,500 SR7,500
7 Mbps SR20,000 SR8,700
8 Mbps SR20,000 SR9,900
9 Mbps SR20,000 SR11,100
10 Mbps SR20,000 SR12,300
11 Mbps SR20,000 SR13,500
12 Mbps SR20,000 SR14,700
13 Mbps SR20,000 SR15,900
14 Mbps SR20,000 SR17,100
15 Mbps SR20,000 SR18,300
16 Mbps SR20,000 SR19,500
17 Mbps SR20,000 SR20,700
18 Mbps SR20,000 SR21,900
19 Mbps SR20,000 SR23,100
20 Mbps SR20,000 SR24,300
25 Mbps SR20,000 SR26,600
30 Mbps SR20,000 SR26,600
34 Mbps SR20,000 SR26,600
45 Mbps SR20,000 SR33,750
50 Mbps SR20,000 SR37,000
70 Mbps SR20,000 SR39,900
75 Mbps SR20,000 SR39,900
80 Mbps SR20,000 SR42,175
90 Mbps SR20,000 SR46,725
100 Mbps SR20,000 SR51,275
120 Mbps SR20,000 SR59,500
130 Mbps SR20,000 SR59,500
140 Mbps SR20,000 SR59,500
155 Mbps SR20,000 SR59,500
200 Mbps SR20,000 SR75,628
300 Mbps SR20,000 SR111,468
400 Mbps SR20,000 SR147,308
500 Mbps SR20,000 SR182,000
620 Mbps SR20,000 SR182,000
800 Mbps SR20,000 SR232,400
900 Mbps SR20,000 SR260,400
1 Gbps SR20,000 SR266,000
1.5 Gbps SR20,000 SR392,000
2 Gbps SR20,000 SR484,000
2.5 Gbps SR20,000 SR560,000
3 Gbps SR20,000 SR669,500
4 Gbps SR20,000 SR888,500
5 Gbps SR20,000 SR1,045,000
6 Gbps SR20,000 SR1,249,000
7 Gbps SR20,000 SR1,453,000

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