International IP-VPN Layer 3

STC's International IP-VPN service enables customers to securely connect Local Customer sites to International Customer sites via BGP protocols. It supports a variety of applications with the complete flexibility and control needed by a business. The service is available with variety of QoS levels ranging from a standard best-effort service to a high quality real-time service. IIP-VPN provides end-to-end connectivity and allows intranet, extranet and remote access capabilities.

Service Features

  • Scale up from 128kbps to 620Mbps.
  • Symmetrical connectivity for consistent uploads / downloads.
  • IIPVPN is a fully integrated private virtual network on network layer 3.
  • Advanced security of traffic, as each VPN is technically a virtually separated network infrastructure.
  • Range of value added services like MRS and QoS
  • Customer can design and choose different bandwidths for different sites.
  • Highly available across STC’s POPs International network.


  • 24/7 professional support through our call center and field operation.
  • Flat rate, price is independent of location.
  • Long-term plans (up to five years).
  • Discount applied on long-term plans.

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