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The new generation of e-correspondence management systems ( CMS )fully support the digital transformation, in which all operations related to documents and official transactions can be managed; whether incoming, internal or outgoing. CMS contains all features that facilitate the high work performance and improve the productivity of individuals and entities.
The system allows the creation and sending of new correspondence. Replies and forwards are included as well as security and practical features that assist the completion of the mission. Saving time and energy for the system user. Thus adapting to progress surmounting the stereotype of government correspondence.


Why choose us?

  • Paperless. All work can be done electronically.
  • Supports digital signature (Sayen) approved by National Center for Digital Certification (NCDC).
  • Cloud ready maintaining the new trend in the software world to create a digital environment, and use cloud sync technologies to protect information from loss.
  • Work on-premises as well; in case cloud was not an option.
  • Advanced security features to protect your correspondence, reducing document leaks and protecting confidentiality by using modern technologies.
  • Improves employee productivity through ease of access and control of correspondence.
  • Support for Yesser Murasalat Hub for inbound and outbound correspondences electronically between government agencies.
  • Applicable for large Agencies “Enterprise application”. Suited for small and medium agencies.
  • Easy integration with other systems

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