InspireU FAQs

1- What is InspireU?

InspireU Program is an initiative by stc to Incubate and support ICT/Digital innovation Startups.

2- What services do we provide?

  • Seed grant up to SAR 100,000
  • Mentorship
  • Logistics support
  • stc Infrastructure
  • Office Space
  • International & Local exposure
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3- What is our role in supporting the economy?

  • Supporting startups and entrepreneurship in the region.
  • Strengthening economic value (Commercial Activities, and creating job opportunities).
  • Potential integration with stc's products.

4- What is the duration of the program?

It is a 4-6 months program.

5- How many startups have benefited from InspireU's services?

38 startups from different industries have benefited from our services.

6- Where is the program located?

InspireU program is located in Riyadh.

7- When can I apply for InspireU program?

Our next intake registration period will begin in May 2020.

8- How can I apply for InspireU program?

When registration opens in May you can fill out the application form available on the website.

9- Is the funding expected to be returned at any given time?

The seed grant is not refundable.

10 - What stages will we be going through after we apply for the program?

Stages are divided after the application, you can review review them

11- Who can apply for the program?

Entrepreneurs who have digital startups can apply to our program.

12- What are the projects that have been incubated in InspireU?

InspireU has incubated 38 startups, you can find them

13- Do I have to move to the location during the duration of the program?

Yes, your presence is mandatory during the incubation period at the location of the program (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). *Please note that you must attend only during the workshops.

14- Is accommodation provided by the organization?


15- Does InspireU take equity?

InspireU will not take equity from the startups.

16- Is having a team required?

We accept projects that are managed by one founder, but having a well-structured team is a benefit.

17- Who are InspireU partners?

You can find our partners our partners

18- For more information.

Do not hesitate to contact us:
9487 464 11 966+