Net Profit (SR Million)

2018 10,780
2017 10,016

Operational profit increased by 11.5% in 2018 to reach


SR million

Pushing Boundaries Towards The Future

Investment in Future Technologies (Million)


Percentage of digital channel users


Net profit for 2018 reached SR 10,780 million compared to SR 10,016 million in 2017, an increase of 7.6%. Earnings per share in 2018 reached SR 5.39 compared to SR 5.01 in 2017. Net profit for 2018 reached SR 30,546 million compared SR 28,555 million in 2017.
Chairman of Board of Directors Speech
This remarkable performance is undoubtedly the result of a strong and integrated effort for saudi telecom, and the financial figures of the company were the best witness to this performance.
Prince Mohammed bin Khalid
Al-Abdullah Al Faisal
Chairman of Board of Directors
International Subsidiaries
VIVA Bahrain was established in February 2009 in the Kingdom of Bahrain with a capital of BD 75 million equivalent to SR 746 million at the exchange rate as of that date. It is wholly owned by STC.

With a capital of BD (million)



Strategy of the Company

The latest strategic pillar “Expand aggressively scale and scope” is in line with the Company’s ambitious growth strategy through expansion of connectivity and infrastructure, and the development of new platforms such as IoT, cloud, cybersecurity, data analytics and digital services and applications.

Investment in future technologies is worth

$500 Million

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