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Can merchants request SoftPoS Terminal from stc?

No, Merchants can request stc SoftPOS terminals from local banks only.


What type of SoftPOS service does stc offer?

stc currently offers SoftPOS application or SDK option.


Is the SoftPOS service using normal Data SIM (Internet SIM)?

Yes, SoftPOS service can run on any Data SIM or Wifi connection.


Who are the targeted customers for SoftPOS service?

Acquiring banks offering SoftPOS technology to their MSME merchant customers.


What is SoftPOS?

SoftPoS is a revolutionary new technology that allows merchants to accept card payments directly on their phone or NFC-supported devices without the need of any additional hardware. (Currently supports android OS).


Which devices are supported for SoftPOS?

Any android device running Android 10+ and has an NFC capability. iOS and other systems will be supported soon.


What is the difference between SoftPoS and the traditional Hardware POS?

Hardware POS only works on specific payment-supported devices and can be running Android or Linux. SoftPOS on the other hand, supports more devices that are typically non-payment, if they have an NFC capability and are running a compatible Android version.


How is the service activated/deactivated/suspended?

Activation details will be obtained from the bank. If the merchant wants to deactivate a terminal, they must contact the bank.


When does billing start for a terminal?

For Banks, billing starts when a softPOS terminal makes the first connection when the merchant logs in into the stc SoftPOS application. For merchants, it is dependent on the agreement between the merchant and the bank.

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