National Day 2016

North to South and from East to West we are all your soldiers our beloved Kingdom

The loyalty programs … A cornerstone for a solid foundation

Our accomplishments in the field of social responsibility are a fun story that took place in our society. We translated it for you through our reports that tell a story of loyalty towards our country and nation, throughout years of constructive hard work, to meet the needs and aspirations of all groups, with pages bearing eternal marks; these stories will stand in witness of our responsibility.

Hold your head high… and share the moment

The “Hold your Head High” campaign launched by STC is an awareness campaign seeking to motivate people to communicate directly with those around them, particularly in the holy month of Ramadan. The idea behind the campaign emerged from the reality of everyday life. We often find ourselves entranced by smart phones and devices, oblivious to our surroundings, and we end up missing life’s precious moments and losing loved ones. The campaign shows people in different situations with their families, where they ignore them. We find a mother who is too preoccupied to see her daughter’s first steps, a father who forgets to play along with his sons and a brother who does not even notice that his brother has returned from his travels. Each one of them is so preoccupied with a device, until a member of the family reproaches them by saying “hold your head high". That is when each one of them looks up and shares the moment. Although using devices to communicate is a beautiful thing, our message is that this should not jeopardize direct communication with our loved ones and those around us. We must live every moment as it deserves to be lived, as these are life’s precious moments that may never come again.

Let nothing keep you away… #Stay_involved

Out of its sense of social responsibility, STC launched an advertisement campaign to remind the public of the importance of worship and communication with the family and parents and the importance of achieving a balance between them and using social networks during the holy month, using #Stay_involved

Ramadan 2016

Giving Initiatives starts with an idea

They are the National Pride

There are people who do wonderful things to the country that no one knows about… people working silently aiming on helping others and leaving a positive impact…People who are the pride to each Saudi.. they are the pride to any loyal citizen… Pride of citizenship and pride of the nation

الأسئلة الشائعة

استفسارات المستثمرين

حقائق عن الشركة

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