Developers Training Initiative

"The STC Developer Training Initiative covers a series of courses that target Saudi app developers across the Kingdom. STC has created this program to provide Saudi developers with educational training about trending operating systems and applications. "

Developers Training Initiative

What are the objectives of the STC Developer Training Initiative?

The program aims to:

  • Increase the knowledge of Saudi developers and educate them on building apps
  • Encourage and support developers to produce apps

About the STC Developer Community:

In March 2011 STC launched the Developer Community initiative to:

  • Engage with local and regional developers by building a community for unique and relevant apps for STC customers
  • Increase engagement through promotions, quizzes, advertisements, social networks and public relations
  • Provide marketing support, mentoring, co-branding apps and merchandising
  • Educate and inform developers via the  various developer websites, forums, articles and FAQ blogs
  • Provide a technical support forum, loan devices, access to experts and development centers
  • Provide developer enablement SDK, Tools, Documentation and sample code
  • Manage market analysis, systems and campaigns<
  • Incorporate operator billing


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