CEO of Saudi Telecom Company

Achieving success in leading a company that generates great profit is not an easy task. Providing that company with successful business leadership while maintaining a good public image and relationships within the society and among all of its shareholders and the community as a whole is even more difficult, yet it is a challenge ahead.

Based on that, our concept of social responsibility hasevolved to realize and achieve this noble cause.

Our concept of social responsibility surpassed the idea of just providing aid to certain social groups that need support in the form of charity, or merely gestures for publicity’s sake. Therefore, our company has built its strategy which expresses its social responsibility, through a clear and definite vision that cares for building a good relationship with our communities. By providing sustainable development projects with an increased focus on health and education, we have achieved a very positive impact. Also we have dedicated support to keep up with trends in the world in telecommunications and information technology, which is at the core of our business.

In parallel, we have continuous on-going projects touching base with the daily lives of people and addressing the real needs of our community.

As a national company, we will maintain our commitment to integrate with our people: living the moment while looking beyond the moment, and holding our citizens close to heart and the community as a whole. God willing, we look forward to provide innovations that reflect our vision in this field and which would match the great role of our company in the national economical and social developments. Our efforts aim to keep up with the efforts of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for achieving total development, well-being, and stability.

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