Enhance the economic, environmental, and social value of a community

The Strategy of STC


The Saudi Telecom Company is pleased to present to you, throughout the following pages, a brief overview on our accomplishments in terms of social liability, especially what was achieved in 2014, which is considered an embodiement of our liability practices and highlights our commitment to adopt practical methods that reflect our vision and values. Such methods arise from our values based on trust, creativity, and cooperation, thus help enhance the economic, environmental, and social value of a community, which we are proud to be a part of. The Company aims at orienting the communications and technical services towards what is best for the community, in order to contribute to its economic and knowledge development, on the basis of the responsible citizenship spirit. This confirms the Company’s relentless quest to achieve its vision aiming at being a pioneer in this vital field.

Our Vision

For the Company to become an incentive for economic and social development.

Our Mission

To enable and connect the community and its various sectors with technical solutions and services, which help benefit from the development opportunities therein.

Our Strategy

The strategy of STC in terms of social liability revolves over:

  • Contributing to the adoption of initiatives and programs that support the sustainable development in the most significant fields of a community, such as education, health, unemployment, security, and safety, while preserving the environment and its natural resources, and promote the national economic development, through giving interest to the knowledge economy, supporting the Company’s closest dealers, such as local suppliers, and developing the Company’s human resources and the companies working with it.
  • Directly supporting the various social programs and events, on health and education, and sponsoring the less fortunate segments of the community, including orphans and people with special need.

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