The Corporate Internal Responsibility towards our Employees
The company launched a number of initiatives and programs for the employees, who constitute the first community section to be introduces to the Company’s Social Liability programs, through:
  • Ongoing projects to support and develop the work of the employee and create an ideal work environment, as a cooperative and collabrative community.
  • Promoting volunteerism among employees.
  • organizing several projects related to the employees families.
  • training courses and workshops for the staff.

Training Courses and Workshops

STC offers training programs for all its employees in all technical and administrative fields, computer, and English, through interactive methods, whether by directly attending the training centers in the Kingdom or being assigned to attend programs outside the company, or through online training programs. Also, special programs are offered to train the leaders and directors of the company, and workshops and conferences are held, mainly to develop the company’s members’ abilities and awaken them over important matters related to technology or daily life, as follows:

Training Programs

The programs varied betwen administrative, financial, English language, technology, and information organization domains, along with engineering and technical sessions. The following table shows the total number of trainees between 1998 and 2014:
Year No. of Trainees
1998 9,101
1999 16,205
2000 16,937
2001 13,704
2002 11,059
2003 11,428
2004 12,086
2005 12,620
2006 17,484
2007 22,487
2008 15,489
2009 12,774
2010 10,836
2011 8,843
2012 13,831
2013 11,799
2014 17,729

The Takaful Social Fund

Since our liability starts from our employees, who form together our small community, the Social Solidarity Fund initiative was launched.

Initiative Goals

Grant non-refundable financial aids, known as Takaful grant, offer refundable welfare loans with no interest for the company’s employees, in order to develop the brotherhood, cooperation, and solidarity bonds among them, and increase their loyalty to the company.

The Takaful Grant

An amount spent as a support (non-refundable) for employees who show definite need for the takaful initiative, after studying their case, reaching no more than twenty thousand Riyals.

The Welfare Loan

A refundable loan granted for employees, based on their needs priority, corresponding to no more than four basic salaries, reaching no more than thirty thousand Riyals.

Contribution to Support the Initiative

STC contributes to this initiative with an amount of 5 million Saudi Riyals upon establishment in 2005, and supports it with an annual amount of 2 million Riyals.

Employee’s Contribution

The Takaful Initiative aims at involving all employees, in order to guarantee continuity; thus, the fund started to receive support from the employees, by monthly deductions or deducted amounts. The employees’ contribution had a leading role in the continuity of the fund, which aims afterall, at strengthening solidarity between them.
Year Number of Beneficiaries from Loans and Grants Total Amount Disbursed as Loans and Grants
2009 635 SAR 11,270,435.56
2010 975 SAR 16,859,434.16
2011 797 SAR 14,967,872.00
2012 967 SAR 16,619,444.00
2013 1008 SAR 16,799,501.00
2014 1107 SAR 20,749,288.00

Housing Loans

Loans with no intrests, granted by the STC to its employees, in order to buy an established property; the amount will be paid in monthy installments deducted from the employee’s salary, in order to increase his loyalty to the company and keep him therein.

Loan Amount

  • The approved amount for all employees corresponds to 60 basic salaries, not exceeding 1,500,000 Riyals.
  • 33% of the basic salary will be deducted in case a housing loan was granted.


The initiative was first applied in 2005, and the latest statistics related thereto until 2014, show the following:
Period No. of Beneficiaries Amount of Loans Disbursed
Until the end of 2014 2174 SAR 203,418,735

The Company’s Sports Clubs

Their Goals:
  1. Create a fun, attractive, and good work spirit
  2. Hold all kinds of sports activities
  3. Strengthen the social bonds, feelings of belonging, and loyalty to the Company
  4. Spend free time in activities that benefit the employees and their children
  5. Spread sportive and social awareness, as well as health culture
  6. Organize training sessions for the following sports: swimming, diving, self-defense, fitness and weight loss.
STC has 19 clubs spread all over KSA as follows:
No. Club



Executives Club No. (2)



Al –Sakan Club No. (1)



Employees’ Club No. (3)



Al-Qassim Club



Jeddah Club



Abha Club



Dammam Club No. 1



Leisure Club (500)



Baha (Oasis) Club



Al-Ahsa Club



Mecca Club



Medina Club



Tabuk Club



Hail Club



Najran Club



Asir Club



Jubail Club



Northern Borders Club

Northern Borders Region


Al-Jouf Club Al-Jouf