Our company directed its focus to support creative ideas in order to transform them into productive projects that would be beneficial to our causes.

The Initiative of Riyadh Twestival

'Twestival'' is an international association that has a social communication channel on Twitter. It aims to collect contributions from users on Twitter in favor of charity associations. It was adopted in the Kingdom, and the first activity of this association was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the first activity that was held, the collection of contributions was done in favor of the Insan Association, and it exceeded 223 thousand Riyals. This enabled the association to sponsor three orphans for life. Thanks to this initiative, the concept was instantly adopted by people who are active on social networks in the Kingdom, and many initiatives began to successfully follow this approach.


This is a program that our company took on when it was just an idea on paper, and kept advancing it. It is a thesis study for obtaining the master's degree for the women media students at the University of King Saud. The program is focused on teaching the morals of the Messenger, peace be upon him, within 21 days, by using interactive methods and social networks. This program was designed for teaching orphan children in Riyadh, and our company adopted it, and it gained the participation by society for supporting and spreading the morals of the Messenger, peace be upon him, in an enjoyable and educational manner.


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