The Board of Directors of Saudi Telecom Company is pleased to announce that membership nominations are now open for its seventh term, for three Gregorian years, which extends for from 28/04/2018, to 28/04/2021, where it will take place during the upcoming general assembly of the Board the date of which will be announced following the approval of the concerned decision makers. And to those who wish to apply for membership of the Board who meet the conditions of membership must comply with the rules, regulations and requirements included in the relevant laws and regulations, including the policy of nominating the members of the Board of Directors of the Company and the members of the committees emanating from it and their remuneration. Starting from 13/6/1439 corresponding to 1/3/2018 and not later than 14/7/1439 corresponding to 31/3/2018, The application should include all of the following documents: 

(1) Presenting a letter to the company management stating his desire to run during the period specified above, the letter is accompanied by his CV, qualifications and experience in the company business according to the relevant forms and requirements.
(2) Provide a statement containing the names of the joint stock companies that participate in the membership of their boards of directors.
(3) Provide a statement of the companies or institutions that are involved in its management or ownership and carry out acts similar to those of the company.
(4) Any cases of conflict of interest in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Capital Market Authority and include:
-The existence of any direct or indirect interest in the business and contracts made for the company. -Participate in a business that will compete with the company, or compete in one of the branches of activity the company engaged in.
(5) Provide a statement of the number and date of the boards of directors of the companies that he assumed membership if he has previously served on the board of directors of a joint stock company. If he has previously served on the Board of Directors in previous sessions, he must attach a statement of the courses in which he participated, The company completes the necessary.
(6) Completed form No 3 of the Capital Markets Authority which can be found on the website of Capital Markets Authority (
(7) Nominee should provide a clear and up to date picture from the individual national identity and the commercial register of companies and institutions, as well as the nominee personal contact numbers. 
(8) It is necessary for the nominee to be familiar with and to comply by the relevant laws and regulations and the policy of nominating the members of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Telecom Company and the members of the committees emanating from it and their, which can be found on the company website :

The nominee application and attachments should be delivered by hand or through mail to the following address:
Saudi Telecom Company - Riyadh - Al-Mursalat District - Building (41)

General Secretariat of the Board of Directors P.O.Box: 87912 Riyadh 11652

Telephone / 0114525050: Fax :0114529655

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