Quality Policy and Commitment

STC Group shall be committed to offer modern services and technologies and high quality unique solution that fulfil customer’s expectations and needs. This can only be achieved by persistent pursuit for developing its policies and processes as well as training its employees using the stat-of-the-art technologies and management concepts. In order to come up with the best results of such an approach, an active participation of all involved stakeholders is mandatory in accordance with the Group Mission and Vision, and in line with the KAQA award. However, the STC Group Quality Policy is meant o achieve the following objectives:

  • Offer qualified and efficient services and solutions with best quality ever.
  • Develop STC Org. chart and its automated systems in line with the Group strategies.
  • Listen carefully to the customers’ feedback and remarks.
  • Constant development of policies and processes.
  • Instill awareness among employees, encourage them, and motivate them to adopt a competitive approach and integration among each other to help realize the Company’s goals.
  • Seek state-of-the-art telecom technologies and work diligently on implementing and utilizing them.
  • Impress the community by participating in National development programs or plans, supporting Saudization, as well as training and educating community members and sharing them different social activities and responsibilities.
  • Establish sound , long term relations with vendors/partners.
  • Match local and international standards to come up with the best practices to be applied across the Group.