Dec 15, 2013

VIVA Bahrain wins “The best innovative customer service” award from SAMENA council

VIVA Bahrain, one of STC – Group subsidiaries, received the “Best innovative customer service” award in the annual SAMENA council awards ceremony organized by SAMENA council (Telecom alliance covering south Asia, Middle East and North Africa) in the Sultanate of Oman lately. The award which was one by VIVA Bahrain, the most innovative telecom company in the kingdom of Bahrain, is a confirmation of the company’s approach that centered on delivering the best service to customers and positively impacting the telecom sector in the kingdom by offering innovative and user-friendly services and products. Mr. Andrew Hanna, Chief Commercial Officer said “The innovative customer services focusses on providing comfort to customers since we believe that our activities should not depend on preset specific strategy of policy, but on interaction with our customers and identifying their ideas in order to determine the best way for providing distinct and positive services to them. We worked with our partners to develop complete customer service to ensure delivering distinct and positive service through all channels of communication with the company” Mr. Hanna added: “Winning of this award was a result of our continued involvement and interaction with our customers to regularly understand their needs which strengthened their trust in us on one hand and our seniority in customer service innovation in Bahrain on the other”. It is worth mentioning that VIVA Bahrain won a number of awards this year. Among these was “The best growth strategy” award and “the best brand” award for 2013 in the Middle East Telecom World Conference 2013 as well as the Social Responsibility Golden Insignia in the Arab world for 2013 by the Arab organization for the Social Responsibility in conjunction with Tatweej Academy for excellence awards in the Arab area in addition to “The best customer satisfaction program” award for Call Centers in the Middle East for 2013.

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