Feb 22, 2016

60 of STC’s staff members are to be trained for the purpose of developing competency in the area of technology.

Saudi Telecom Company “STC” launched a distinction center for developing employee talents in view of increasing the effectiveness and support of technology on a daily basis. With the onset of the New Year, the company has started to work on developing 60 of its recent employee graduates in order to take an active part in improving the skills and the knowledge of those targeted employees which will affect the production and the development of work units. With this as our target, it is important to reinforce the associates’ performance in the information technology and telecommunications field using the most effective solutions. By teaching the necessary skills internally there is the best chance of implementing those skills while using just a short period of time.
By offering its experience, ideas, and solutions in order to achieve an in-depth comprehension of applications as well as how they can financially affect the company is another way that STC is contributing to this project. Furthermore, the Tata Consulting Firm is contributing to the training and the logistics support that are necessary for the targeted employees.
In the near future, more STC associates are expected to participate in this project which will increase the number of employees in the current year to 70 that will benefit from this program.

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