Dec 05, 2013

STC wins Middle East performance excellence Award

STC won MENA performance excellence and telecom service delivery Award for 2013 offered by COMMSMEA magazine specialized in communications and information technology news. STC award was received by Mr. Ayman AL Dahham, GM of STC Corporate Communications in an annual ceremony organized by the magazine the day before yesterday evening in Dubai where operators and individuals who had a leading role in the development of the region’s telecom sector were honored. Winning of this award by STC was a confirmation of its excellence and exposure at the regional level in spreading telecom services and coping with modern developments in this important dynamic sector. STC has excelled in employment and adapting state-of – art world technologies for serving its customers and deployed 4G services in 77% of the Saudi areas and cities in a short time. It expanded in the last two years broadband services in an unprecedented manner. This was supported with deployment of FTTH network that connects more than 700 thousands locations and supported all sectors and facilities including residential buildings with the most recent communication technologies. This was accompanied with achievement of record figures in the growth of customers and services. It is worth mentioning that COMMSMEA ceremony is organized for the eighth year consecutively. In this ceremony distinct MENA communication and information technology companies are honored. This year 15 awards have been offered to companies who excelled in their line of business. The award is the best performance excellence award in the region.

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