Jun 26, 2014

STC upgrades 4G coverage by 44% in Makkah and Medina

STC has adapted its networks in Makkah and Medina by upgrading their capacities and raising the level of readiness for Ramadan and summer vacation season as the two holy cities are witnessing increased numbers of Umrah performers and visitors. The company focused on keeping up with the expected increase of demand on mobile data services by reinforcing 4G and 3G networks. In order to meet this demand STC has added 202 new 4G sites in Makkah and Medina which represents an increase of 44% compared to last year. STC also added 226 new 3G sites with very high capacities with the intent of augmenting the accommodating capacity of the voice service network as well as meeting the increasing demand on data services. 2G network has been reinforced with 284 additional base stations and work is underway to enhance network technologies and expand their channels to improve the network quality to the highest world standards of modern telecom networks. The network was supported with more than 10 mobile stations equipped with high 2G and 3G capacities to serve areas that cannot be served with fixed sites. Based on the dense population of the two central areas in Makkah and Medina STC supports internal coverage locations of the holy Harams in Makkah and Medina with modern coverage solutions that provide high quality and high speed telecom and data traffic.

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