Dec 08, 2013

Riyadh technical trainee college honored STC for its prominent role in supporting and sponsoring different aspects of technical and vocational education and training. This honoring was offered on the sidelines of a ceremony organized by the college last weekend for recognizing the authorities involved in supporting and training the college. Mr. Mohammed AL Omran, manager of public and private cooperation in Riyadh technical trainee college handed over the recognition certificate to STC representative in the ceremony and director of STC recruitment, Mr. Abdulaziz AL Hidaithi in the presence of Dr. Michael Clich the college dean. STC had trained recently 1275 of applied and summer training students across the kingdom. It also trained 50 cooperative training students for seven months where the student is paid a financial reward by STC equal to SAR 3750 per month. There are different training programs that are supported by the college in coordination with the general corporation for technical education and vocational training. Riyadh technical trainee college training officials thanked STC for its honorable presence and its consistent efforts of accommodating good numbers of trainees in different technical disciplines and showing them STC business environment in the way that contributes to increasing their applied outcomes and prepare them for the labor market in both public and private sectors. It equips them with the capabilities that enable them to succeed in their jobs and specializations. They expressed their appreciation to the efforts of STC in summer when it offered the college student the opportunity of field training in the summer of 2013.

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