Jun 27, 2014

STC starts today compensating Khamis Mushayt customers

STC said it has restored all services to mobile network towers which were affected as a result of the fire of Khamis Mushayt province exchange on Sunday 08/06/2014. The fire also impacted the landline network, data and internet services and associated services. On the first of Ramadan STC will start compensating 850 K customers who were affected by the telecom services interruption in Khamis Mushayt and the neighboring areas. As announced earlier, prepaid customers (SAWA) will be compensated with unlimited on-net voice calls and text messages, 50 minutes of free international calls and 10 days I GB internet starting from first of Ramadan. Sawa will get 33% discount on the total amount of the next invoice for those on monthly billing and 17% discount on the total amount of the next invoice for those on two-months billing. The alternative solutions provided by STC, the timely response of maintenance teams and adherence to implementation of technical plans in such emergency situations and availing backup telephone exchanges and mobile mobile towers once the fire occurred played a significant role in overcoming the problem and gradual recovery of services in Khamis Mushayt and the affected areas. It was also a vindication of STC capability of facing emergency incidents and its high level of readiness to stand up to emergency and out of control disasters. STC network infrastructure which was designed in a way that was based on state of art fixed and mobile technologies supported with mechanized monitoring and control systems helped her restore the services to normal operation as quickly as possible.

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