Jul 19, 2013

Qitaf values the role of success partners in the success of “Qitaf Zone” campaign

“Qitaf Zone” campaign launched by STC in conjunction with a number of special success partners, namely (Saudia world for Tourism, Domino’s Pizza and SACO, made a great success. The campaign saw positive reactions from customers in the way that meets their desires and satisfy their aspirations in a marketing campaign that secures tangible and realistic wins to customers and the utmost consideration given to Qitaf program. In this context, STC thanked all partners for the role they played in making the campaign a success by allowing contest participants visit their branches and use the services they offer. STC has launched Qitaf Zone website www.gitafzone.com as an online digital content platform for Qitaf featuring innovative ideas and a modern attractive and flexible design that includes several promotional offers that allows customers, especially the youth to entertain the exclusive discounts on many products all over the kingdom. These include travel and tourism, different restaurants, electronics, devices, modern clothes and other exclusive products at minimal cost. It is worth mentioning that STC Qitaf is the first telecom loyalty program in the kingdom and the region. All STC customers can subscribe to the program by calling 902 for JAWAL or 907 for landline or by just sending SMS message containing the code 1818 to 902 for postpaid, the code 201 to 902 for prepaid customers or visiting STC website My STC.

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