Dec 20, 2013

STC participates in Riyadh regional Child Helpline conference with two papers paper

STC presented its white paper dedicated to the Child Helpline conference under the banner “A child speaks … We all listen” which concludes its activities today at King Saud for Health Sciences and in which STC is a key partner of the Child Helpline Program. STC paper delivered by Dr. Khalid AL Biyari, STC Group[ senior VP for Technology and Operations saw a great interaction by participants. The paper discussed the role of STC in the technical preparations for the Child Helpline and its efforts of supporting this program since its early stages and harnessing its services and technical solutions to the program in conjunction with the Family Safety Program of the ministry of the National Guard Health Affairs. STC believes this helpline will have a positive impact on fighting violence against children and it is a nice addition to the efforts of the government for family stability in our community. AL Biyari noted in the paper STC owns an infrastructure that is supported with a large number of modern fiber optics and MPLS networks including the sophisticated “Virtual Network” as technological solutions targeting increased efficiency of systems the fact that helped delivery of the highest degrees of new technologies to the Child Helpline under the umbrella of the Family Safety Program. The service will be provided via Voice over IP internet protocol covering all areas of the kingdom knowing that the service is provided at no cost to the Child Helpline users. The paper also discussed the services provided by STC to the Child Helpline in the technical and operational sides and the ability to accommodate future needs. STC Social Responsibility manager, Mr. Mobarak AL Boghami participated in the conference discussion panel where he discussed the importance of major companies’ involvement in the development of society and stressed the leading role of STC and its support to the Child Helpline since its early stages and its technical and operational role fitting the Helpline being the program service provider. It is worth mentioning that STC provides free landline and mobile calls out of its social responsibility and provided technical support to the launch of the Helpline.

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